Folison 5mg

Company:Jayson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Generic:Folic Acid
Price:10tk bd


Anemia, Nutritional supplement, Folic acid deficiency, Megaloblastic anemia, Neural tube defect


May be taken with or without food.

Adult Dose

Oral Folate-deficient megaloblastic anemia Adult: 5 mg daily for 4 mth, up to 15 mg daily in malabsorption states. Continued dosing at 5 mg every 1-7 days may be needed in chronic hemolytic states, depending on the diet and rate of hemolysis. Prophylaxis of megaloblastic anemia in pregnancy Adult: 0.2-0.5 mg daily. Prophylaxis of neural tube defect in pregnancy Adult: 4 or 5 mg daily starting before pregnancy and continued through the 1st trimester. As a supplement for women of child-bearing potential Adult: 0.4 mg daily.

Child Dose

Folic Acid Deficiency Infants: 15 mcg/kg/day or 50 mcg/day 1-10 years: 1 mg/day initially, then 0.1-0.4 mg/day


This product is contraindicated in patients with a known hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients. Folic Acid is contraindicated in untreated cobalamine deficiency.

Mode of Action

Folic acid: Required for nucleoprotein synthesis and the maintenance of normal erythropoiesis; folic acid is converted in the liver and plasma to its metabolically active form, tetrahydrofolic acid, by dihydrofolate reductase; prevents neural tube defects in women of childbearing potential and higher doses required during pregnancy.


Treatment resistance may occur in patients with depressed hematopoiesis, alcoholism, and deficiencies in other vitamins. Neonates. Lactation: Drug enters breast milk; safe for nursing

Side Effect

Bronchospasm, Erythema, Malaise, Pruritus, Rash, Slight flushing

Pregnancy Category Note

Pregnancy category: A Lactation: Drug enters breast milk; safe for nursing


Antiepileptics, oral contraceptives, anti-TB drugs, alcohol, aminopterin, methotrexate, pyrimethamine, trimethoprim and sulphonamides may result to decrease in serum folate contrations. Decreases serum phenytoin concentrations.

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